Student Activities

There are diverse range of extracurricular and co-curricular engagements that students can participate in beyond their regular academic coursework. These activities are an integral part of the overall educational experience and provide students with opportunities to develop various skills, explore their interests, and engage with their peers and the wider community. The student’s journey starts from Orientation and ends with Farewell/Graduation. Throughout their journey in kathford they get to experience various activities like Kathfest, Sports week, Annual Day, and many more. These activities are proven to develop student’s communication skills, leadership skills, boost confidence, team work, project management.

Induction and Orientation

We provide induction and orientation training to you when you join Kathford to ensure that you are well-acquainted with our teaching methodology, culture, environment and facilities. It’s also an opportunity for you to meet and interact with our esteemed teaching faculties. The main Objectives of orientation is to make you familiar with College, Socialization and Networking with new friends and faculty members through various ice breaker games and social events.

Annual Day

We celebrate our Annual Day to mark our establishment and take pride of our contribution in the field of education. We conduct different socializing activities along with felicitation program to appreciate and reward our outstanding students and teachers. This gives an opportunity to the students to showcase their own culture as well as learn other cultures, it creates an environment for students to promote their talent and entertain the Kathford family.

Farewell and Graduation

We congratulate you on your successful completion of your undergraduate program and thank you for being part of our family through farewell/graduation program. We also aim to find new ways to be connected and collaborate in future for research, management and knowledge sharing activities. The purpose of farewell is to celebrate the accomplishments of departing students, reminisce about your time at the institution, and offer you best wishes for their future endeavors. Farewell party include speeches, performances, and various fun activities.

Talent Shows

We provide many platforms for our students to showcase their talents. We have amazing talents who can sing, dance, play musical instruments, recite poetry, perform acts and groove on the beat. We encourage, inspire and showcase our students’ talents. We let our students showcase their talents through various events organized in the college like Kathfest, Welcome and Farewell, and many more.


We engage you in numerous sports activities to ensure that you are fit and healthy. Sports offers recreation and enjoyment as well as aims to foster a spirit of healthy competition, teamwork, and physical fitness among participants. So, we organize sports week and many other sports activities for you every year. Sports like Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Basketball, Table tennis, Badminton are played during the sports week.



We also engage you in different internal competitions and encourage you to participate in many external competitions to not only develop your competitiveness and winning attitude but also help you to learn things beyond curriculum, stimulate your creativity and excel your ability to think out-of-the-box.

Events and Activities

We conduct different events and activities throughout the year to offer you numerous opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills. These activities include social initiatives, entrepreneurial activities, workshops, training, seminars and many other activities conducted by our proactive student clubs. Events are organized by the students club namely Social and Entrepreneurship Club, Creative Club and Literary Club. Involvement in such clubs helps the students in development of Leadership skills, communication skills, time-management, etc.


KathFest is a platform for technology related students that engages the participants in various hardware and software competitions and showcases products of students from different colleges. It is our annual event to celebrate creativity, encourage innovation and appreciate hard work.


We have begun to organize national conferences with Kathford National Conference on Civil Engineering which offers platform for civil engineering aspirants and researchers to engage in advanced technologies and knowledge in the field of civil engineering. We aim to organize such conferences for each of our programs.

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