The Kathford Experience

At Kathford International College of Engineering and Management, it is our long established tradition to give students what they deserve from the college. 

Every year at Kathford, we celebrate Kathford Sparks, kathFEST, Sports Day, Annual Day, Welcome, Farewell, Guest Lectures, various IT training sessions and many more. At Kathford you will make memories which you will cherish forever. At Kathford we follow the notion of Learning Beyond the Classroom.

All the students deserve to know the real world experience. We deliver all the practical things that a student should know to get a job or to establish their own business. Every student is unique in their own way. We have all the necessary equipment and techniques to deliver world class education to the students.

We have student clubs where students get a chance to carry out the activities which will give them the basic real time business and job experience. Almost all of our major programs are made with the combined cooperation with the students, which will give them the experience of the techniques of the event management as well. Our students can choose by whom they want to hear the lecture on what topic. 

Our student alumni are working on big Companies like Spotify, Yatri, EB Pearls, NMB Bank, MAW Enterprises and the list goes on and on. We have produced a lot of successful Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Teachers, Salesperson, Project managers, Software Engineers, Mobile application Developers and this list also goes on and on.

At Kathford all the students Learn Beyond the Classroom.

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