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Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA is a business degree that equips you with excellent managerial skills combined with practical organizational skills and experience. Corporate world has become fiercely competitive, and people with mediocre managerial expertise have no place anymore. Our undergraduate program in business administration offers analytical skills, critical thinking capability and expert business acumen.

Operations, branding, marketing and sales, human resources, business development and finances are the most important aspects of any organization’s growth, and the broad curriculum of BBA program at Kathford incorporates all these areas offering you an expertise in each of them. The knowledge developed through these theoretical foundations are strengthened by numerous practice-based teaching methodologies including practical studies, projects, workshops, competitions and challenges. At Kathford, we vow to develop outstanding management graduates not only with professional and technical knowledge and skills but also with passion to innovate, zeal to learn more and strength to overcome any challenge they face.

Career Prospects

A BBA degree opens the door to multitude of amazing opportunities in Nepal and outside. Almost all sectors including financial, manufacturing, service, healthcare, education, telecommunication, IT, marketing, media and construction look for thousands of management graduates who are passionate to learn, persistent to succeed, smart to find solutions and able to create ideas. Almost all organizations are led by Directors and CEOs with strong business persona with outstanding managerial skills. The salary a successful business graduate earns is incomparable with other people.

You can become a marketing maestro, accounting hero, operational expert, human resource analyst, banking guru, a pathbreaking entrepreneur and what not, after graduating with a BBA degree. Our graduates are working in many sectors operating in Nepal, and we feel proud of our prodigious alumni who are leading numerous organizations in the country. Many of them have founded their own companies which are having great return on investments.

Study Progression

  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4

Semester 1

English I Principles of Management Micro-Economics
Basic Mathematics I Computer Systems and Information Technology Applications

Semester 2

English II Human Resource Management Macro-Economics
Business Management II Introductory Database

Semester 3

Business Communication Business Statistics Financial Accounting
Business Finance Management Information System

Semester 4

Business Law Business Environment in Nepal Cost and Management Accounting
Fundamentals of Marketing Basic Psychology

Semester 5

International Business Basic Financial Management Sociology for Business
Corporate Taxation in Nepal Operations Management

Semester 6

Organizational Behaviour Entrepreneurship Business Research Methods
Nepalese Society and Politics E-Commerce

Semester 7

Banking and Finance Industry and Services ManagementMicro Enterprise Management
Sales and Marketing Management

Semester 8

Internship Banking and Finance Industry and Services Management
Micro Enterprise Management Sales and Marketing Management

Students Achievements

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Key Facts

Duration: 4 years

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum ‘D+’ grade in all subjects with CGPA 1.8 or more in +2/PCL/A Level in Science or Management
  • Pass in CMAT examination

Why Study BBA at Kathford


We engage you in AIM2Flourish – world’s first higher-education curriculum for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and “Business as an Agent of World Benefit”, initiated by Case Western Reserve University.

Outstanding Teaching Faculty

We boast of our outstanding teaching faculty who have spent decades in teaching, research and academic consultancy. They are with us full-time, and support you in your course, projects, research and career.

Strong Industry Network

We have a strong relationship with numerous organizations that provide scholarships for our students, offer job and internship opportunities and also get involved in teaching and projects for our students in various domains.

Creative Club

Creative Club is our most dynamic student body that provides you a platform to stimulate, showcase and bolster your creativity and innovation. It’s where you get space to think, resource to create and podium to showcase your ideas.

Academic Goals and Strategies

Our Academic Goals and Strategies guide our curriculum delivery and teaching methodology. We formulate academic targets, curriculum goals and teaching and learning strategies so that you get the best out of us and yourself.

Excellent Learning Environment

Our students take pride on the learning environment that we offer to them. We provide you adequate space for learning, opportunities to engage in logical and analytical discourses, encourage research and support in projects and competitions.

What our students say