Why BBM is a better Management degree?

Why BBM is a better Management degree?

Ever since Tribhuvan University devised a new business and management curriculum in the form of Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), it has been considered as a sub-par course by management students, due to existence of another popular business and management curriculum – BBA. However, this can be considered a faux pas from the students’ end, as they have not understood the curriculum and the benefits of BBM really well, and there have been few people who have tried to explain this. Management experts believe that BBM is a far better management degree today, and we are trying to explain why.

Career-oriented Focus Areas

BBM provides four distinct and highly popular specialization areas based on the research on where students after management degree would like to end up for their career. These focus areas are: (i) Bank Operations and Cooperative Management; (ii) Sales and Marketing; (iii) Insurance and Risk Management; and (iv) Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development. This is the only management course available in Nepal which is focused on career development of students along with skill development for them. So, if you aim for banking jobs or sales and marketing jobs or insurance jobs, then you won’t find a better course than BBM because you can specialize in what you want to do with your career.

Only Curriculum where you can specialize on Entrepreneurship

BBM is the only curriculum in Nepal with a specialization on Entrepreneurship. You can choose Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development as your focus area in BBM and you will get to study 5 courses in it. BBM trains you to become a successful entrepreneur. BBM has advanced courses like Entrepreneurship Development, Creativity & Innovation, Small Business Planning & Creation, and Entrepreneurial Marketing, which help you understand the core of entrepreneurship and prepares you well before you start your own venture after you graduate.

Computer Based Accounting

BBM offers advanced accounting curriculum that not only focuses on the theoretical perspective and paper-based practice of accounting but also provides computer-based financial accounting. This means that you can now understand how technology has enhanced accounting at workplaces, and how organizations actually use financial accounting (as almost all organizations now use accounting software for their financial accounting). The course – Accounting for Decision Making, offers excellent analytical skills that is highly essential to deal with accounts at workplace.

Dual Specialization

Do you know that you can also choose 3 Elective courses in BBM? These elective courses can help you complete your BBM degree with dual specialization. The first specialization would be the Focus Area that you choose, and if you choose the elective courses from the same domain (e.g. MIS, HR or Event Management), you will get the second specialization as well. Isn’t it a double bonanza offer? Of course, it is. And who wouldn’t jump into such offer?

Amazing Career Prospects

Since BBM trains you specifically in one of the four focus areas, you will have an amazing career prospect in that area, as you will be among the few who are actually trained for that career and you will stand out from those with other business and management degrees. The total size of the insurance market of the country surged by 22.74 per cent to Rs 57.53 billion in fiscal year 2017/18 from about Rs 46.87 billion in fiscal year 2015-16. This is a huge business area which has enormous potential to grow and needs thousands of trained professionals to reach the potential market size. With a BBM degree in Insurance and Risk Management, you will have huge career opportunities. Similarly, BBM in Bank Operations and Cooperative Management is becoming a favorite degree for banks and financial organizations as students are better trained for banking with this degree. Sales and Marketing is among the highest paid jobs in Nepal for management students, and also among the most creative ones. There is immense scope for students with BBM in Sales and Marketing degree to climb the career ladder in sales and marketing field, especially because almost all organizations (be it manufacturing organizations or service-based organizations) need large department for sales and marketing. So, BBM students have unparalleled career prospects after they graduate.

Why Kathford for BBM?

BBA BannerKathford International College of Engineering and Management is a pioneer college for management education having produced more than a thousand management graduates since 2003. This has several meanings. First, Kathford has developed outstanding teaching methodology that is based on the college’s academic strategies over the years, which have been tried and tested with numerous students. Kathford has been successfully producing outstanding graduates with such amazing teaching methodology. Second, Kathford has a big alumni network in business and management area, which are active in numerous organizations and have been helping current students with internships and job opportunities, which leads to our third point – a strong industry network.

Kathford is a respected management college with a big family composing of students from other faculties – Engineering and IT. This means that management students can swiftly collaborate with engineering or IT students to develop projects that blends management, IT and engineering. There wouldn’t be a better learning opportunity than such collaborative project development. Kathford has institutionalized the philosophy of Learning Beyond the Classroom, which means that there are so many learning activities beyond classroom where you can implement the theories you have learnt in class into practice. These activities also develop numerous professional skills in you that supports your strong career development after you graduate.

Kathford has outstanding teaching faculty members who are trained with updated management education. They do not only provide top class education but also support you in your projects and personal/professional development. The well-equipped learning resources at Kathford are another major factor to study BBM at Kathford. Besides, numerous guest lectures from industry experts do not only offer you a better understanding of workplaces but also offer you a networking opportunity for lifetime. With all these benefits, Kathford stands as one of the best colleges to study BBM.

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