Why AIM2Flourish is More Than Enough Reason to Join Kathford for BBA and BBM?

Why AIM2Flourish is More Than Enough Reason to Join Kathford for BBA and BBM?

AIM2Flourish is the world’s first higher-education curriculum for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and “Business as an Agent of World Benefit”, initiated by Case Western Reserve University. Students of AIM2Flourish research on innovative businesses in the country, meet the business persons, learn business stories and present them to the world via the platform of AIM2Flourish so that everyone can learn from those stories. This project involves rigorous involvement with businesses to understand the business process, unleash business ideas and present the inside stories. It is a unique and highly effective way for students to learn about businesses.

Kathford is one of only two institutions in Nepal to be associated with Case Western Reserve University for AIM2Flourish and published business stories, the other being People’s Campus. While People’s Campus has published eight stories, Kathford has already published 10 stories with many more in the pipeline.

Kathford is very proud to be associated with AIM2Flourish which not only helps our students learn about businesses but also develops many professional skills in them. They develop their entrepreneurial skills while researching about the business ideas, which is one of the most essential skills business students must have to sustain in today’s fiercely competitive market. The entrepreneurial skills are coupled with creativity and inspiration that the business stories provide which enables our students to initiate their own business in the future.

With AIM2Flourish, our students understand the inspiration behind businesses, their financial outcome, their social impact, their environmental impact, and their future prospects. With such understanding, our students learn how to develop a sustainable business model for their future employer or for their own business.

AIM2Flourish also develops strong communication and interpersonal skills, along with analytical and critical thinking abilities. The other very important opportunity that this project offers is the network with business people in the country, which helps our students connect with many influential people and open doors for many work opportunities for our students.

Having AIM2Flourish in CV is an amazing feat that helps our students stand out among others in the job market. 

Our BBA and BBM students get this rare opportunity that one will not find at other colleges. Our students have already published 15 innovative business stories for AIM2Flourish (Find them here) and many more are in the pipeline to be published. With all these amazing opportunities, AIM2Flourish is more than enough reason to join Kathford for BBA and BBM.

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