We Take Pride in Our Student Diversity

We Take Pride in Our Student Diversity

Kathford International College of Engineering and Management is truly a diverse college where students from almost all over Nepal come to study Engineering, Management, and Information Technology courses. A home to over 1000 students, Kathford has produced graduates, who have turned into business champions, market leaders, top-notch engineers, entrepreneurs and scholars in the last 15 years. Kathford boasts of its student diversity from almost every nook and corner of Nepal with different cultural background and religious beliefs. Our students are our greatest pride and we learn creativity and innovation from them. Their varied upbringing, environment, past learnings, and values make our college rich in experience, multicultural environment and dynamism. We call new students to learn not only from the accomplished faculty members of Kathford but also from colleagues and seniors who bring with them their values, their culture, their past learnings and many more. We value and celebrate our student diversity because they make our college a living, breathable institution.

At Kathford, we cherish and celebrate our student diversity in all forms, and take pride on such amazing melange of students.

Some Beautiful Facts About Our Student Diversity

Since the inception of Kathford,

  • We have had students from more than 60 districts of Nepal.
  • More than 60% of our students have represented districts outside Kathmandu valley.
  • The ratio of female to male students has been less than one third.
  • Our students have represented six religions.
  • There has been a representation of more than 15 cultural backgrounds at Kathford.
  • Kathford has been home to more than 12 languages.

Apart from demographic diversity, Kathford also boasts of vast professional diversity.

  • Our graduates have been working in more than 500 organizations.
  • Our graduates are currently living in more than 30 different countries.
  • Our graduates have been entitled with more than 300 different designations at their organizations.
  • Our graduates have pursued their higher studies in more than 100 different universities around the world.

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