Learning Beyond Classroom at Kathford

Learning Beyond Classroom at Kathford

There is a huge difference between ‘learning’ and ‘outstanding learning’. Traditionally learning is almost always couched in the context of a classroom. The knowledge imparted by teachers in classroom has always been considered as the superlative form of learning. But not anymore.

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With today’s technological advancement, easy availability of vast resources in Internet and increased passion of students in learning-by-doing, the diaspora of teaching methodology has changed drastically. We believe that today’s students learn much more by diving into the pool rather than by reading its depth and width, and this is what we have incorporated in our teaching methodology. We encourage our students to participate in events, organize activities, involve in more projects, compete against others, develop business model, connect circuits, ideate new concepts, initiate campaigns, make machines, fly self-made drones and upkeep perseverance. That’s how our students learn – by trying until they succeed. And we provide all the world’s resources to help them learn what they want to learn, be it top class faculty members, latest resources or real world projects.

IMG 20190710 WA0030The limitations of classroom-based learning have been frequently acknowledged by all stakeholders. Lack of personal attention, limitation of time and resources, and pressure of having to complete syllabus have always marred students’ learning. The only way that would not compromise students’ exceptional learning is by providing opportunities for them to learn beyond classroom. We believe that students learn better when they are encouraged to think free, provided resources and environment to nurture their knowledge, and engaged in analytical discourse. That’s the reason why we offer our students many projects and simulations, involve them in numerous workshops and activities, engage them in seminar and think pots, and continuously challenge them with questions to sharpen their understanding and hone their skills. At Kathford, there are much more learnings imparted beyond lectures.

IMG 20190710 WA0018We’d like our students to become proactive and tell us what they want to learn. At first, we conduct a workshop on the topic close to our students’ interest, followed by peer learning activities. We, then, ideate projects for the students, support them to develop them, and facilitate with required resources. We also monitor their activities for the project and provide most useful feedbacks to help them complete their projects successfully. During the process, we challenge them with questions which we encourage them to logically answer to defend their project. All this while, there are so much to learn, which traditional classroom system do not offer.

IMG 7354Learning beyond classroom are often authentic, hands-on, interactive, and build on classroom learning. Our aim is to prepare our students for life beyond school, which is highly competitive and demand a lot of self-awareness and more specialized skills. Our experience of incorporating learning beyond classroom has made us aware the value of ‘real learning’ as we witnessed much more capable and technically outstanding students coming from this model. We no more focus on repetition and memorization to educate students, but we involve them in various activities where they can use their classroom-based learning and practice their learnings. We also have four active student clubs which nurture our students’ interest and provide necessary platform for them to engage in activities and learn.

IMG 7316Learning beyond classroom, which is embedded in our culture, has become one of the most successful models that we have incorporated. Tell us what you want to learn, and open your wings to fly high with practical learning.

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