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It’s Not Just a BCA. It’s BCA+ at Kathford

It’s Not Just a BCA. It’s BCA+ at Kathford

Kathford offers an amazing BCA program affiliated to Tribhuvan University that is not limited to the curriculum of BCA, but offers professional skills through integrated industry oriented specializations in collaboration with EB Pearls Pvt. Ltd. and Access World Pvt. Ltd. Join our BCA+ program for amazing career in it.

This course aims to inculcate essential skills demanded by global software industry through interactive learning process. The curriculum has been designed to cater ever-changing demands of information technology sector with necessary inputs from the industry.

Integrated Industry Oriented Specializations which we offer along with our BCA program are:


(in collaboration with EB Pearls)

Today, businesses and consumers buy and sell goods and services through electronic medium. This program enables you help organizations develop software and applications for online transactions.

Business Analytics

(in collaboration with EB Pearls)

This course is designed to teach first-time learners how to use analytics to quickly and effectively analyze data from variety of sources and generate insights for business.

Cloud Computing

(in collaboration with Access World)

This course is designed to enable you to build applications for deployment in  cloud-based platforms and help developers easily integrate applications and deploy cloud-based services.

Mobile Computing

(in collaboration with EB Pearls)

This course provides overview of mobile application development, programming tools, back-end integration, security and management of cross-platform mobile applications.

We believe that one needs much more than what a curriculum offers to succeed in one’s career. So, we offer amazing courses that makes you stand out among the crowd and help you become employers’ first choice for an IT job.