Clone blog: News: Lifetime Habits – Learned During Quarantine Days

Clone blog:  News: Lifetime Habits – Learned During Quarantine Days

News    :It was on Chaitra 11, 2076 the government announced a lockdown due to the pandemic of COVID-19. It was a few days before our college was closed considering the risk of social distances. Until then all we had thought was it would soon revive and we would come back to our normal days. But once the government decided to take strict actions, the emotions at the time were of confusion, uncertainty, and fear.

The first few days felt like holidays but then when it seemed like a never-ending holiday (where you are locked inside the four walls of your home). I started getting agitated and days seemed long.

Since then days and weeks have passed on staying inside the house looking after my two and a half-year-old daughter. Spending time playing with her, watching her learn new activities-she loves coloring, playing blocks, football; and hearing her speak new words, being there to observe these little milestones, has given me immense joy. During the office days, I have to leave early in the morning when she would still be sleeping but nowadays I wake up next to her and see her tiny hands reach out to hug me.

I have also used this time to reflect on my learning from my time working at Kathford, working for the students. I have learned that nothing comes easy in life without perseverance. To keep the office work going on we have continued to work from home from the 2nd day of lockdown. However, working from home has its drawback like family is always around(especially the little one) and there are other household tasks to perform simultaneously. Initially when performing the assigned tasks; time management and self-motivation were difficult factors but now I have set up a timetable and calendar to make working easier and efficient.

Working from home as a real practice has been a new thing for me and has taught me many things such as no physical presence is required for many works, delegating tasks can be done from anywhere. It has given me time to read up on the education management system, reflect on students’ satisfaction and wellbeing. Today, most of the higher education institutions are looking for an optimum distribution of resources and services to yield maximum benefits to students, teachers, and the management alike.  If we are to continuously monitor the educational program given by our institution we can better manage our resources. It will also benefit the overall student experience at our college. Students who are the heartbeat of our institution should be given a forum to say what they think, struggling students be given counseling and support.

I am someone who likes to go out to have fun but because of the current situation I look at things differently and have learned that little and special moments can be equally or more pleasurable. And I am sure it is true for all of us(you and me) that during these days we have been treasuring the smallest gesture and simple things like for me a helping hand by the partner in the kitchen or watching a comedy movie with the family.

We all are facing the crisis and not everyone is in a better situation like you or me so always try to reach out for people(not forgetting the street animals) because you never know who needs the help. And lastly, always be positive as tough times always bring out the best in people.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy.

Ayushma Pant

Senior Admin Officer

Kathford Notices


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