All you need to know about Computer Engineering at Kathford

All you need to know about Computer Engineering at Kathford

Curiosity will lead you to places your thought you could never reach. Before you make up a decision to study computer engineering you need to make sure that you know the facts and figures of studying the course. What is computer engineering? What will you be learning over a period of four years of time? What are the major specialization courses? What skills should one possess to be good at it? What does the academic curriculum structure look like? What are the job prospects? These are some of the important questions asked by prospective students looking to study Computer Engineering.

First off, what is Computer Engineering?

Typically, Computer engineering is a branch of engineering that encompasses several fields of computer science required to develop computer hardware and software. Computer engineers usually have training in hardware-software integration are involved in the developing software for electronic devices that are used by people from all areas. This field of engineering not only focuses on how computer systems work but also how they integrate into the larger picture.

What are you expected to learn in this course over the span of 4 years?

Students enrolled in this program over the course of time and their academic curriculum structure learn programming languages to develop software, operating systems, computer networks, wireless communication, hardware components, software engineering, mobile applications and many specialized courses. However, the foundation is built with Mathematics, Physics and Data Structure which helps to understand how logics are built, how things work, and one can program a computer to get things done the way one wants.

What are the specialties in Computer Engineering course?

Computer engineering course is broadly divided into two categories: foundation courses and specialty courses.

Foundation courses include Mathematics, Computer Programming, Computer Graphics, Physics, Mechanics, Chemistry, Digital Logic, Data Structure, Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming, Microprocessor, Theory of Computation and Computer Architecture.

Specialty courses include Software Engineering, Embedded System, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Database Management System, Computer Networks and Database Engineering. You can further specialize in latest technologies and trends like Mobile Programming, Cloud Computing, Wireless Hacking, Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology. You can also integrate computer engineering with electronics engineering to concentrate on wireless networks, communication engineering, integrated circuits and robotics.

What is special about Computer Engineering course at Kathford?

At Kathford our broad academic curriculum emphasizes on programming, software engineering, database management and design theoretically. The knowledge developed through these theoretical foundations are strengthened by numerous practice-based teaching methodologies including practical studies, projects, workshops, competitions and challenges. At Kathford, we are focused to develop outstanding computer engineering graduates not only with professional and technical knowledge and skills but also with passion to innovate, zeal to learn more and strength to overcome any challenges.

Our Learning beyond the Classroom philosophy offers abundant opportunities to learn various technical and professional skills through numerous activities, events, workshops, seminars, projects, competitions and conferences. We believe in the fact that students learn much more beyond the classroom when they get to apply things they learn inside classroom.

What are the job prospects?

The pasture is green for computer engineers in Nepal and around the world. While there are extensive opportunities for software engineers, data scientists and apps and game developers, the hardware engineers also have immense scope and receive very high pay cheques. Android and iOS apps developers are among the highest earners in the world. Data scientists and software engineers also earn equally high. Moreover, there are numerous jobs available everywhere for an able computer engineer.

As a computer engineering graduate from Kathford, you will not only get jobs in software companies, but will also have doors open from various other sectors including public sector, healthcare, manufacturing, banking, development, and research in their rapidly growing and challenging IT departments. Our graduates, since last decade, have been working in various organizations in technologies like mobile application, web application, gaming, e-commerce, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data management, and software development.

What extra does Kathford offer?

We have special student clubs for our prospective students to join in and add value. KathFOSS is a Free and Open Source Software community that allows students to research in open source software, workshops, training and development, workshops, to inspire students to learn and innovate. Annually, two major events are organized by KathFOSS – Evolve (an open themed coding workshop and competition to involve students in creating new ideas) and Solve to Code (a theme-based coding workshop and competition to stimulate students’ creativity to solve social issues through computing).

KathFEST is a major annual event which encourages participation of students from all the faculties of the college with the hope to achieve innovation, creativity and solutions to society’s problems through designing models. Students participate in hardware and software related competitions and showcase their products/ models to the entire college.

Engineering at Kathford will provide you exposure of practical applications to the related coursework over the span of four years. It helps students to unleash their creativity to solve existing problems of society and provide a contribution to welfare of the nation. We encourage learning beyond the classroom which helps students to develop and grow themselves academically, technically and professionally by the end of their course.

We have a Big Family at Kathford which offers you opportunities to collaborate with other students from different domains – Engineering, Management and IT and produce wonderful projects that would solve numerous daily life issues.

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