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A Message from our Chairperson

A Message from our Chairperson

Dear Colleagues,


I am writing to you in a time when the whole world seems to have taken a pause. It is in decades

that we all are affected by a similar condition all at once, and it seems to be there for quite a time. In this new year while I write to you, the world is predicting a new normal.

While these new normal caught my eyeballs, I remember reading a book “Who Moved my Cheese”. I would want to share the key learning from that book to you today.

As we are facing a lockdown, our tables that we worked at has changed and the way we interacted have.  We are accustomed to something in few days of which we hadn’t imagined. Change is inevitable, they keep on moving the cheese, so our wiseness is that we keep moving to find the new. Being complacent leads to extinction where as embracing change and being flexible leads to survival. It is quite human that we enjoy what is accustomed to us, and we fear the coming. But the quicker we let go of old cheese the sooner we can enjoy new cheese. In nutshell –  don’t hesitate to let go off what seemed to be normal and grip the new normal.

This is a new day, a new year and a new normal we are living with. For this new year, I have a suggestion for you – when life give you a new cheese, just enjoy the new taste.

Many happy New Year 2077. May god bless you and your family.

Life moves on and so should we.

My best wishes.