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7 Reasons Why You Should Study BSc. CSIT at Kathford

7 Reasons Why You Should Study BSc. CSIT at Kathford

There are so many colleges that offer BSc.CSIT programs in Nepal which make it quite difficult for students to select the best college to pursue the highly decorated BSc.CSIT program and kickstart their journey in IT career. Selecting the right college is very important as it has a lasting impact on your knowledge and your career. A right college is one which ensures that you learn the core concept of computing, strengthens your programming base, empowers you to make research on your own, helps you score good marks in board exams, and more importantly, encourages you to be creative and makes you sellable in the market with strong technical and personal skills. Considering all these fronts, Kathford International College of Engineering and Management is the college you must choose. Here are the 7 reasons why.

Kathford is an Engineering college

An Engineering College is mandated with high standard labs, libraries, learning resources and qualification of faculty members by Institute of Engineering. Kathford has fulfilled all requirements of being an engineering college at par, and our other programs benefit from these requirements – especially BSc.CSIT and BCA. We offer excellent faculty members, well-equipped labs, technologically equipped classrooms, resourceful library, and many learning resources for BSc.CSIT students which help them learn and research more conveniently. So, being an engineering college is a boon for our BSc.CSIT students in all fronts.

Kathford is among the first colleges to offer BSc. CSIT program under TU

Tribhuvan University began the BSc.CSIT program in 2007 and Kathford was one of the very few colleges that got the affiliation from the very first year. This makes Kathford a more authentic college for BSc.CSIT program as it also contributed in the program’s establishment by supporting in curriculum development. We understand each and every pulse of the BSc.CSIT program and have constructed our teaching methodology in such a way that benefits our students the most. This is the reason why Kathford is the most successful college in BSc.CSIT program.

Kathford has a strong network with alumni and industry

Kathford has produced 8 batches of BSc.CSIT graduates till date forming a strong alumni network working in various companies in different positions. This is our strongest and most valuable asset. We also have an excellent network with software industry and multiple collaboration with different IT companies like EB Pearls, Access World, Microsoft Innovation Centre etc. Our alumni and our network with software industry help our students obtain jobs and internships.

Kathford engages you in numerous projects

Kathford believes in learning and putting the learned things into action and encourages students to do so. For this, we engage our students in numerous projects and inspire them to be creative and come up with ideas out of the box. Such engagements do not only help our students to learn the core concepts of programming but also prepare them for jobs after graduation. These projects also help them excel in research and development activities which are enormously required when they work. These projects also make them proactive and develop critical thinking abilities in them. We provide top class resources for our students to enable them to work on those projects.

Kathford helps you win competitions

Kathford is renowned for winning competitions. Our students have competed in numerous national level competitions and won them. They won Open Day Hackathon in 2017 (Read here), achieved 1st Runner-up position in Luniva Code Jatra in 2017 (Read here) and have been selected for fellowship program in 2018 (Read here). Our students have also achieved 2nd Runner up position in international competition in Nasa Space App Challenge (Read here). We have an amazing feat of winning numerous other competitions in past, which have helped us become one of the best BSc.CSIT colleges in the country.

Kathford Students get jobs quickly

Our graduates get jobs far more easily after they complete their BSc.CSIT degree. One of the major supporting factors for this is our strong network with our alumni and software industry that provides them with job and internship opportunities while they are studying. Our students have always been appreciated and have excelled at work wherever they have worked. Such a good reputation has helped their predecessors obtain jobs far more easily. However, this is not only the case. We prepare our students to land up their dream jobs by imparting professional skills while they are studying. We train them in latest technology and trends so that they are ready for the job market. Also, we train them in personal skills that make them a better professional than their competitors in the interview.

Kathford encourages girls in technology

Software industry has had a big outcry for female IT professionals and we, at Kathford, have vowed to produce many female IT graduates. For this, we encourage girls students to take up BSc.CSIT course with attractive scholarship schemes focused for them. When we select students for our BSc.CSIT program, we encourage girls students to study BSc.CSIT program. We offer two 50% scholarships exclusively for girls students (EB Pearls Australia Scholarship) to encourage them. We also engage our girls students in Women Leaders in Technology (WLiT), a technological platform that encourages female participation in IT sector through trainings and projects (Read more).

There are many other good reasons to study BSc.CSIT program at Kathford apart from these seven. To learn more, we encourage you to visit our college for more information about the program, how it is taught, what additional technical skills we offer and the scholarships available for all students.