Overview :

BBA is a four-year, eight semester program. BBA program, at Kathford, enables students to develop skills to think and act strategically and exert influence in the workplace, enabling them to succeed in the business and academic field. Our BBA program will be a rewarding experience for those who are eager to gain a competitive edge and broaden horizons to improve career prospects and increase marketability in the present context of globalization.


Kathford BBA program goal

  • develop innovative, creative, critical thinking skills and leadership qualities among graduates required to effectively manage national and global organizations in the ever-changing environment,
  • produce up-to-date, assertive, competitive and successful research-oriented executives for different originations of public and private origin, and
  • prepare students capable to pursue advanced study in management.


Track Record of BBA

  • 100 percent seats occupancy.
  • Topped Faculty of Management (TU) BBA Examinations (2011 Batch, 3rd Semester).
  • First Prize for BBA Team in the Presentation Workshop organized by V.S. Niketan, 2013.
  • Outstanding academic performance in the university examinations. 

Top-class faculty

Kathford comprises best academics and professionals to lead the program. Our students have pride in their faculty members, who have spent decades in university, research, and consultancy. They bring experiences and new found knowledge into the classroom.

Excellent teaching and learning

Kathford adopts FAIR Model and KAS learning outcome. They ensure top-class teaching and learning to meet the curriculum objectives. In addition, students undergo internal assessment based on KAS learning outcome, which shapes students to perform to the best of their ability.

With KAS learning outcome, our graduates will become competent in fundamental knowledge of business alongside a range of skills articulated by the curriculum including leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and creation, global aspects of business, IT application, ethical and legal considerations and analytical skills required in business and organizational management.


Kathford provides an excellent environment for every student to participate in Internship. Our interns serve in various organizations and get exposure in numerous business/organizational functions, including functional analysis, product/service marketing, financial analysis, operations improvements, market research and business strategy. The Internship allows our students to integrate classroom learning into a work environment and vice-versa.

Some organizations where BBA students worked as Intern are Surya Nepal, Sipradi Trading Ltd., Nepal Rastra Bank, Nepal Insurance Board (Bima Samiti), United Nations (UN), Hiamalayan Bank, NIC Asia Bank, Everest Bank Limited, Morang Auto Works, Agriculture Development Bank, Civil Bank, Global IME Bank, Nepal Bank Limited, Nepal Bangladesh Bank, Project A, Siddhartha Development Bank, Asian Securities Pvt. Limited, Varun Beverages (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd., Creative Job Pvt. Ltd., Citizens Bank Limited, Society Development Bank and NMB Capital.

Research and project work

Kathford integrates field visits, research and project work with the courses as an integral part of the study. These activities are supervised by the faculty and are designed to help students deepen their knowledge in a particular area of interest. Learning involves issues of business and management importance. All field visits of students are followed by the research work and report presentations.

Some of the recent topics of research activities and report presentations by the students include:

  • Ghalegaun sociological field research visit  and report presentation
  • BBA program orientation followed by industrial visit (PIE) and report presentation
  • Patan Industrial Estate visit and report presentation
  • Business environment research visit and report presentation

Workshop and seminar

Kathford hosts a range of workshops and seminars on varied areas of business and management. The workshop and seminar programs bring together our students and faculties themselves and with the domain of specialists from academia, research, business, entrepreneurship, manufacturing and financial institutions.

The workshop/seminar organized by Kathford include Competitive case analysis, Mini research, Report documentation, Social aspects of business, Industrial visit, Simulation exercises, and Personality development. In addition, training/workshop on SPSS, effective teaching & evaluation, and research methodology are conducted for faculty development.

Guest lecture/speakers

Kathford invites eminent academicians, professionals and experts in specialized area of business, economics and development issues as guest speakers. These speakers share their ideas, views and share experiences with faculties and students.

Some topics and the guest speakers invited by Kathford include:

  • Commodity Market in Nepal(GS), Mr. Joseph Adhikari, CEO, Derivatives and Commodity Exchange
  • Distribution Management in Garment Business(GS), Mr. Ishwor Gautam, HOD Marketing Department, Surya Nepal
  • Merchant Banking(GS), Mr. Dhurba Timilsina, CEO, Sidhartha Mutual Fund
  • Banking Business Environment(GS), Mr. Ajay Kumar Mishra, CEO, Sidhartha Development Bank
  • Financial literacy and leadership, Mr. Prakash Koirala, Gobal financial literacy and leadership  award winner by UK Parliament

Some topics and guest lectures conducted by Kathford include:

  • Proposal writing and internship report writing, Prof (Dr.) S.B. Katuwal, FoM, TU
  • International monetary and financial environment, Assist. Prof (Dr.) Arhan Stapit, Central Dept. of  Mgmt., TU
  • Taxation application in business and households, Mr. Ramakanta Bhattarai, Sharkar Dev Campus, TU
  • Emerging Issues in Organizational Behavior, Prof. Bhawani Shankar Acharya, Central Dept. of  Mgmt., TU
  • Emerging Issues in Marketing, Prof (Dr.) Bhoj Raj Aryal, HOD, Central Dept. of  Mgmt., TU

Case methods

Our BBA classes are often centered on the case method. It brings the realities, challenges, and threats of real business issues front and center to our students. Our students draw on the full range of knowledge and skills to analyze and synthesize data, to prioritize goals, to inspire others, who think differently, and to make decisions with uncertain information.

Tutorial classes

Kathford offers tutorial classes in selected subjects for the needy students. Purpose of the classes is to support students to achieve subject knowledge and skills to meet the curriculum objectives.

Research and publication (R&P)

The R&P Center comprises of a panel of Kathford faculty members. Our research effort often draws together our students and faculty members to design different projects, publications, and undertake research activities. Kathford publishes an annual journal named ‘Discourse’.


Career Prospect :

Our BBA graduates have business and administrative concepts, and skills needed for professional development in a range of organizations listed out hereunder:

  • Commercial banks
  • Financial and insurance institutions
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Multinational companies
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Academic/Research institutions
  • Government and Non-Government Organizations

Moreover, Kathord graduates have competitive edge to open up superb career opportunities in an increasingly global business marketplace. They can also proceed to advance degree leading to MBA.