Overview :

BSc. CSIT is a four-year, eight semester program. The Program combines the study of software and hardware, and information and communication technologies to provide students with the skills needed for a challenging and evolving career. BSc. CSIT degree course at Kathford lays strong foundation on IT, database management, programming, information systems analysis and design, communications and networks, security, e-Business, project management, web-based technology, and professional practice in IT.

Core courses

  • C programming
  • Object-oriented programming (Java)
  • Software development techniques
  • Database Management System
  • Computer architecture
  • Graphics
  • Networking
  • Computer vision

Elective courses

  • Software engineering
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Distributed computing
  • Computer systems engineering

Track Record of BSc. CSIT

  • University Topper (First), Gold Medalist, BSc. CSIT (2065 Batch).
  • 100% students of 2065 batch (2070) passed BSc. CSIT. 100% students have distinction.
  • 100% students of 2066 batch (2071) passed BSc. CSIT. 100% students with first division.
  • 100 percent seats occupancy.

Top-class faculty

Kathford comprises best academics and professionals to lead the program. Our students have pride in their faculty members, who have spent decades in university, research, and consultancy. They bring experiences and new found knowledge into the classroom.

Excellent teaching and learning

Kathford adopts FAIR Model – a unique combinations of knowledge, skills, and career oriented pedagogy. It ensure top-class teaching and learning to meet the curriculum objectives. In addition, students undergo internal assessment, which shapes students to perform to the best of their ability.


Kathford provides an excellent environment for every student to participate in Internship. Our interns serve in various organizations and get exposure in numerous technologies, including web development, e-commerce, mobile application, management information system, research, and ICT strategy. The Internship allows our students to integrate classroom learning into a work environment and vice-versa.

Some organizations where BSc. CSIT students worked as Intern are Ebpearls, Microsoft Innovation Centre, Digital Outreach Pvt. Ltd., and Amsoft Technologies

Research and project work

Kathford conducts research and project work as an integral part of the study. These activities are supervised by the faculty and are designed to help students deepen their knowledge in a particular area of interest.

As per IOST (The Institute of Science and Technology), TU project work is mandatory as a part of the curriculum for 7th semester. While in Kathford, students are provided with opportunity for project work in all the semesters. Students must complete the assigned project works on different subjects across different semester. The project includes assignments on C, C + +, Data Structure, HTML, OS, Database, .NET, PHP, IOS, and Android Application.

Some projects accomplished by students are Thread in Android Forum APP, Kathmandu Restaurant Locator, Online Music Library with Recommendation System, Traffic Alert, Crime Prediction of Kathmandu Valley, Online Radio Streaming, Movie Recommendation System and Analyzer of Proxy Server.

Workshop and seminar

Kathford hosts a range of workshops and seminars on varied areas of ICT and software. The workshop and seminar programs bring together our students and faculties with the domain of specialists from academia, research, ICT industry, and software industries.

The workshop/seminar organized by Kathford include:

Effective presentation, Interview skills, Report writing, Career counseling by Ebpearls, Current trends in ICT development by TekTak Nepal, Network security by DOPL, and Idea camp by Microsoft Innovation Center, motivational workshop.

Guest lecture/speakers

Kathford invites eminent academicians, professionals and experts in specialized area of software industry and ICT industry as guest speakers. These speakers share their ideas, views and share experiences with faculties and students.

Topics and guest speaker invited by Kathford include:

  • Final year project work,- Associate Prof. Nawaraj Paudel, HOD, CDCSIT, TU & Er. Rupak Shakya Ebpearls
  • Project work proposal writing, by Dr. Arun Timilsina, IOE, TU and Saroj Kumar Yadav,  Ebpearls.
  • Project work report writing, Sarbin Sayami, CDCSIT, TU
  • Internship report writing, Jagadis Bhatta,  CDCSIT, TU
  • Mini-project work, Tulsi Dahal, Volcus Soft Pvt. Ltd.
  • Project work in computer science, Prof. Dr. Shashidhar Ram Joshi,  IOE, TU
  • Project work in engineering and IT,  Dr. Arun Timilsina, IOE, TU
  • Facing internship interview, Tulshi Dahal, Volcus Soft Pvt. Ltd. and G. Bhohara
  • Machine learning, Jagadis Bhatta,  CDCSIT, TU
  • Emerging Database Management System Technologies, Arjun Singh Saud, CDCSIT, TU
  • Push-down automata (PDA), Bikash Balami, CDCSIT, TU

Tutorial classes

Kathford offers tutorial classes in selected subjects for the needy students. Purpose of the classes is to support students to achieve subject knowledge and skills to meet the curriculum objective.

Professional course

Kathford launches additional short-term professional courses for BSc. CSIT students. Purpose of these courses are to bridge the gap between academic course and the latest skills sought by the industries.

Some professional courses conducted by Kathford are

  1. Program Synthesis using Java
  2. Exploring the web through PHP
  3. Developing Creativity on UI/UX
  4. Developing Android Application
  5. Understanding Open Source , Linux
  6. Recent web Technology of Microsoft – Dot Net, Xamarin Technology
  7. Certified courses on Hardware and Networking, etc.


Career Prospect :

BSc. CSIT graduates are in high demand in ICT companies and software industries. BSc. CSIT graduates can work in any of the positions including Systems Analyst, Programmer, IT Officer/Manager, System Administrator, Network Administrator, Database Administrator, and Web Developer.

Moreover, Kathord graduates have competitive edge to open up superb career opportunities in an increasingly global IT business. They can also proceed to advance degree leading to MSc. CSIT.

Our graduates have promising careers in some of the best ICT companies. These include Verisk Information Technologies, YUMMY CHAIN TWO LLC, 3hammers, EbPearls, Codyssay Web Nepal, Cloud Factory, N.I.D.C Development Bank, Nepflights, White Space, Standard Chartered Bank,, Proshore, Volcus Soft, Mercantile, AMSoft, Kantipur Television, Visusal Group, Brain Digit IT Solution, Social Aves, Continental Solution, Smart Samaj, Stuxbot Technology, Ceemol, Inkling Creation Nepal, Deerwalk Services, Crossover, Dept of Health Services- Govt of Nepal, Fancpan Zhoneg Le, Subisu Cablenet, DIA Nepal, NG Outsourcing, MixErp Inc., Incentive Group of Companies, Vionet Comm, Makura Creations,  Designco Nepal, E-matrix, Young Innovation, Elite Network and communications, Cosdent Health Care, Social Drive Institution, and E-Prima Technology.