Research and Development Center

Research and Development Center

Research and Development unit

The Research and Development Center (R&D Center) comprises of a panel of Kathford faculty members. Its primary objective is to undertake and promote research activities. Our research effort often draws together our students and faculty members to plan, design and implement different projects. Systematic activities combining both basic applied research,and aimed at discovering solutions to problems and creating innovative idea. R&D unit also consists of ROBOKATH, KATHFOSS and Kathford-Xilinx University Program Center for the skill and knowledge development of students.


Robotics club at KICEM known as ROBOKATH is started with the aim of innovating and introducing the latest technology and actively involved in all kinds of robotic activities. This club is conducting different basic training program by introducing the experts. Besides, club is platform for students to share and enhance their knowledge and skills.


FOSS (Free and open-source software) community from KICEM known as “KATHFOSS”. This club is organising different training activities for enhancing students software professional skill from beginning year of the engineering.

» Kathford-Xilinx University Program Center

Kathford-Xilinx University Program Center in association with Digitronix Nepal has obtained 25 number of VIVADO license and some other ISE license in order to conduct FPGA based Research and Development in Nepal.