What We Deliver

What We Deliver

Kathford offers the most innovative, intellectually stimulating and practical educational experience. The college houses top-class instructional and research facilities to produce graduates who use knowledge and skills to inspire change throughout their lives-in industry, business and in other organizations.


Workplace Experience

Kathford provides an excellent environment for every student to participate in projects and Internship. Our interns serve in numerous telecom, hydropower, software, banking and insurance companies. This helps our students gain experience in the working world, which helps them to tie the theory learnt at Kathford into reality.


Top-Class Faculty

Kathford comprises the very best academicians and professionals to lead the program. Our students have pride in their faculty members, who have spent decades in university, research, and consultancy. They bring experiences and new found knowledge into the classroom. They not only teach students theory but also equip them with skills which can be transferred to their area of study and is invaluable at their job.


Excellent Teaching

Our classes bring the realities, challenges, and dilemmas of real business issues to our students. Our students draw on the full range of knowledge and analytical tools to synthesize conflicting data, to prioritize goals, to inspire others who think differently, and to make decisions with uncertain information.


Field Study

Field-based learning, at Kathford involves issues of engineering and business importance. The learning sites include telecommunication, hydropower, bridges, irrigation & geographical sites, ICT, banks and insurance companies. These field studies and research are designed to help our students deepen their knowledge in a particular area of interest.